Labor Relations

Purpose: Explore, discuss and learn about labor relations in union and non-union work places across industry sectors that include service, manufacturing, hospital and healthcare, and public and private organizations. 

Benefits: Engage and learn from a wide range of experts on topics that involve labor relations issues of the workplace, including: 

  • Best practices
  • Evolving trends
  • The developing law and regulatory environment
  • Critical skills and competencies for today’s labor relations challenges
  • Develop a network of practitioners that can serve as resources for each other. 

To Join: Sign into your LinkedIn account (or join LinkedIn); go to the “Groups” tab to request to be a member of the Detroit SHRM Labor Relations Forumor email  Announcements and invitations to events and discussion groups will be communicated through LinkedIn and Detroit SHRM.

 Host:  Robert Chiaravalli of Strategic Labor & Human Resources, LLC.

 Events:  The group will host about 4 events a year.